Ginger and kibble

Ginger has this problem of regurgitating kibble if he eats too much at one go. I suspect (again, my own hypothesis) that it may be due to the fact that cats do not digest carbohydrates very well or it could just be a case of eating too much too fast?

Anyway, Ginger didn’t use to eat any kibble at all as he was on a 100% raw diet. It was only when the Super Seniors started getting some renal kibble as a supper snack that Tabs and Ginger also demanded for some. But that was only as a snack and it’s a small amount.

Now, Ginger has to go on urinary food for some time, so since he does not like the wet version, I have to give him the urinary kibble. I’ve tried mixing it with water, but he walks away. Sigh. For a cat with urinary problems, he NEEDS more fluids so kibble actually isn’t a good choice of food at all.

Our Super Seniors take their renal kibble snack WITH water. They have no problems with that. In fact, they lick up the water first, then only eat the moist kibble (by then, already soaked with water, which is good). But not Ginger, he walks away, angry.

You really don’t know what’s good for you, Ginger. You need fluids.

I contacted the Royal Canin vet and he gave me great suggestions:

Using wet diet is one, but of course not the only option

(1) adding water to kibble
(2) getting him some clear meat broth(stock from some boiled lean chicken given without any of the meat)
(3) experimenting with various other fresh water source (like bigger and shallow water bowls, multiple bowls at home, those pet friendly water fountains as cats may like drinking running water instead of stagnant ones)

(1) and (3) don’t work with Ginger. I am going to try (2) – the clear broth.

Today, I told our vet that Ginger regurgitates the kibble when he eats a bigger amount. She suggested that I could try scattering the kibble on the floor so that Ginger is forced to take his time to eat it, hence, he won’t be eating so fast.

So I tried offering Ginger the kibble on a big flat plate just now and guess what, he walked away from it. “That’s not my bowl!”

I haven’t tried scattering it on the floor yet, though and might try this tomorrow.

Another option that works is to give him small meals throughout the day. That works too – small amounts at a time. He won’t regurgitate if the amount is small.

Ginger: I demand to be served in a civilised manner, please. What’s this I hear – you are going to scatter my food on the floor?? What do you take me for? A vagabond? 

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