Ginger to the vet’s (kidney cyst is growing)

Today is Ginger’s follow-up at the vet’s, five days after he had the FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis).

I gave him a 200ml subcut at 6am this morning so that it would be 6 hours when he has his appointment. This is to ensure there is urine in the bladder for extraction to do the urinalysis.

The urinalysis showed no presence of bacteria, crystals or stones, which is all good. Ginger’s urine SG is 1.038, which is good enough. The ultrasound showed some fat in the bladder which is acceptable.

Then, the ultrasound on the right kidney was done to check if the cyst has grown. Unfortunately, it has. From an almost squarish regular shape four days ago on the outer wall, it is now the shape of a teardrop, channeling into the kidneys. At this juncture, it is called a “cystic structure”.

On 11th Sept 2022 – the size was 4.3mm x 4.0mm
Today (15th Sept 2022) – it was 2.8mm x 4.6mm (elongated towards the kidney)

Unfortunately again, nothing can be done with a kidney cyst except to monitor its progression. The best thing that can happen is for it to grow for awhile and stop growing. Other things that can happen is the formation of multiple cysts later or this uni-cyst grows bigger and bigger.

A kidney cyst is not operatable because there will be too much damage to the kidneys and too much bleeding. If it grows too big or causes too much damage, the only operation would be the removal of the entire kidney.

However, the vet says that in cats with kidney cysts, the other (good) kidney will adapt and compensate. Also, it is very rare to find cats with just one kidney cyst, normally there will be more than one. So we have to be prepared that more cysts might appear in the future.

How a cyst can happen in the kidney – it’s all by chance.

That’s life – everything is by chance, isn’t it? I no longer believe in the adage that “everything happens for a reason”. I used to, but I no longer do now. Many things happen by chance. That’s the imperfection of this earthly life and isn’t this the only life we have?  If I may digress I also no longer believe that if you do good, good will come back to you. Nope, that doesn’t always happen. We do good because it’s the right thing to do. Period. There’s no other reason for doing good. If we do good to expect something good in return, isn’t that barter trading? Isn’t that greed?

Sorry for the digression.

Now, back to Ginger.

The plan for Ginger now is, first things first, he needs a dental scaling and one tooth needs to be removed. This would be Ginger’s second dental scaling. So we have planned that for the end of the month. Let’s get that out of the way first.

Meanwhile, Ginger will be on long term Cystopro (the probiotic for his bladder) and Beazyme (papase anti-inflammatory) since he is prone to FIC. He can be on his normal diet for now.

Ginger’s kidney readings are all normal for now, so he is not a kidney patient. If the cyst later impairs on his kidney functions, which can happen, then and only then will he be treated as a kidney patient. That would mean being on subcut and a lower-protein diet.

So when Ginger goes for his dental, we will do another ultrasound on his kidneys to check the progression of the cyst. The only hope we have is that it will stop growing…one day.

We will get through this together, Ginger.


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