Ginger’s stories (diet and doors)

Ginger is still on his urinary diet, and since he refuses to eat the wet version (canned), I have to give him the kibble. But it’s better to add water to it because for urinary cases, they do need more fluids.

The first time I added water to the kibble, Ginger protested and walked away. Absolutely refused to eat it.

He also cannot eat too much kibble at one go as he would regurgitate all of it out. So he has to take small meals frequently.

Today, I started by wetting the bowl with a tiny bit of water and then, poured the kibble in. He ate it, all of it, water included! Then, as the day progressed, I added more and more water to each bowl. So far, he has eaten everything up! So it only took less than a day to do it. I can now add water to his kibble!

No one eats dry kibble in the house. Water is added to it. Still, I wish I could do without kibble because it contains carbohydrates. However, Indy, with his extremely baffling GI issues, seems to need it. Well, anything that works for him! Indy had always been the kibble king way back until I converted everyone to 100% raw in Sept 2019. It’s only been three years, but I believe it has done everyone a lot of good being on a biologically appropriate diet. But now, Indy and Bunny both have GI issues so I have to adjust to an appropriate food for them. Bunny needs cooked food while Indy seems to need kibble. He has always been weird.

Ginger licks up the water and eats the kibble. But he is not on 100% urinary food now because the urinalysis showed that he did not have any stones or crystals at all. This probably means that his FIC is due to inflammation and stress. The boy just cannot be stressed!

I’m already giving Ginger his regular food now, and we are just finishing off this small pack of urinary kibble since it has been bought.

Doing his BFF duty.

So far, our new security door has been Ginger-escape proof.

It’s also Minnie-escape proof over at the patio. The cats cannot climb on it too. Neither can Jayden. All tried…and failed.

If you need cat-proof doors, I think these security doors are quite excellent.

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