Bunny eats Primal!

I have not been able to get Bunny back to raw food for a few months now. He simply refuses to eat Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub. Once in a while, he would eat cut-up raw chicken breast meat and that’s about all.

Today, I decided to try Primal Freeze Dried.

I know they used to like Primal dry, but it’s meant to be rehydrated with water and to be eaten wet. So I took a chance and rehydrated one batch.

Tabs is already getting tired of our staple Cubgrub and needed a change for awhile, so she restarted on Primal last night. Primal has always been Tabs’ favourite snack and topper. Ginger too was getting tired of Coco&Joe’s, so he too got Primal which he happily polished up. All rehydrated.

I guess everyone needs a change of taste and texture now and then.

Our raw food options are: Cubgrub, Coco&Joe’s, raw chicken breast meat, liver and gizzards, Primal Freeze-Dried.

Of course the most un-finicky eaters for now at the Juniors (Minnie, Smurfy, Rey, Robin and Lynx). Their staple diet is Coco&Joe’s. The hardest to feed are the Super Seniors!

Bunny eats the Primal!! In fact, everyone had Primal except for Indy. Indy has to eat his baby food for breakfast. It looks like Cleo wants to snatch Cow Mau’s food, but I didn’t allow her to. So she went away. Cleo has a superiority complex.

She’ll only come back to eat after everyone else has eaten. It’s her thing.

Looks like Bunny wants more!

Indy never used to allow anyone to touch his head, but he’s okay with it for more than a year now. Even Cow Mau doesn’t have petting aggression anymore nowadays. It took more than 10 years for them to mellow out.

I gave the Juniors a treat of Primal mixed with their Coco&Joe’s but they weren’t too happy about it.

Different strokes for different folks!



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