Smurfy awakened the Wrath of Cow

It happened yesterday.

Luckily I was there to prevent it from getting physical.

Stargate was open, as usual, in the early morning as Minnie-5 likes to come over to eat grass. And as usual, Cow Mau likes to go over to the Catio to look-see. It’s the usual morning routine.

There had already been some antagonism towards Cow Mau coming over from Smurfy and Robin (yes, little Robin is pretty territorial too) and I thought it might dwindle over time if they get used to it.

But yesterday, things came to a head.

Smurfy smacked Cow Mau.  

Yes, the silly boy doesn’t know who he is trying to bully. He really doesn’t know.

We’re talking about Cow Mau here. He is legendary. Cow and Bunny used to rule our entire street in our old neighbourhood in their hey day. Cow in one alley and Bunny in the other and no other cat dared to enter. For six years, until we moved.

So, Smurfy smacked Cow Mau and I immediately intervened. I shooed Smurfy away first. Cow Mau was vibrating; he was clearly offended. So I said some soothing words to Cow to calm him down first. Then, after a few minutes, I carried him to take him back to Bunny’s Place but that’s when Cow hissed and growled. Still very offended and angry. Yes, I totally understand.

Luckily Cow did not take it out on me. If he were younger, I would have ended up at the doctor’s for a tetanus jab. For sure.

So nobody got hurt. Phew…

You silly boy, Smurfy. But one consolation is that he probably isn’t as skittish as he was in his old home. If he can smack Cow Mau, that is.But you had better not do this EVER again if you do not want to end up with bruises and wounds.

He’s still the king. A 16 year-old king.

Ginger wants to try to antagonise Cow Mau? Please…

Bunny is also a king in his own right.

Robin eating grass at Bunny’s Place.

It’s good enough that Cow, Bunny, Indy and Cleo allow the Juniors to come over every day to eat grass. They even allow Rey to practically live in Bunny’s Place and sleep on the bed too.

So can Smurfy and Robin extend the same courtesy to Cow Mau when he visits their place?

Robin’s cries of antagonism, though, is like the sound of a bird – it’s a cooing sound. Not intimidating, actually, but that’s his way.

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