Bella visits

I was feeding Minnie-5 today when suddenly, there was the sound of loud chirping.

All the cats stopped eating and looked towards the Murraya plants on Stargate and there….perching on the gate, was Bella.

Bella was chirping happily and almost singing a song.

Backstory: Bella is a bird who has built nests in our house compound in the past. Her partner is Felix.

I am quite sure she was saying hello to me. And I suspect she might want to build a new nest in the Murraya tree. The foliage is pretty thick.

Robin immediately darted towards her and I had to sort of shoo her away for her own safety.

We have 5 cats here (6, including Ginger), and all have their feral instincts intact. And there’s Minnie, a female. A hunter. Still very feral. Rey is very skilful jumper too. He can jump all the way up to the top of Stargate, so there’s nothing to stop him from jumping up to where Bella was perching on.

So no, Bella. Please don’t build a nest here. Build it outside, high up on the palm trees or the Bucida tree.

You see the vertical bars that end before the top of the gate? Bella was perching there and chirping merrily.

We will have to trim the Murray trees, for Bella’s safety.



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