Neutering aid for 1 dog in Sitiawan (Than Foong’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM150 for the neutering of this dog, Leslie.

Ms Than Foong has only claimed once before this, but she has donated back to our Fund multiple times after that one claim. We thank her very much for her generosity.

Updates on the previously-claimed dog, Yang Yang, are below.

Leslie is the daughter of the dog I rescued in 2017. That time she was very fierce dog .. don’t allow to touch her …she looked like going to attack if touch her . So we not dare to touch her … we opened the gate for her to in and out …she came back when she was hungry or raining … sometimes she was being lock in other people house without being notice  cause she slept in other people house . we don’t sure whether she was waiting for her owner or …. Or looking for her owner … that time we had been looking for her owner by asking neighbor but no body claim . sometimes she came back sometime after days she only come . Besides, I was not ready to have another dog as I was still finding my dog that was lost back in July 2017.  it take so long  for her to trust me and  I still heart broken with the lost of my dog .I don’t know she Will get pregnant or come heat . as I never get a female dog.  When I start to accept her and she accept me , she got pregnant . I promised her to take care of her child if no body want to adopt when she was delivering. 

Now her baby (Leslie) alrday almost 4 years alrday spayed first plan to December 2022 but she kept fighting with my other dog  So plan to make it early by next month as I don’t have leave this month . Actually I have plan to bring her to vet long time ago .. it was delayed due to convid , financial tight and scare seeing her in pain as she probe to sick ….. she nearly gone due  Parvo when she was 6 months . She done the 3 basic vaccine  but still got pravo and she have  sensitive intestines…. So scare. 

I will be taking care of Leslie together with her mom (ah girl) and her sibling (yang yang -which spayed on 2019) till their last breath.
I didn’t rescue her but I adopted her mom, who pregnant with five puppies in sitiawan , Perak . Unfortunately  2 dead , 1 adopted and two with me (Leslie and yang yang) and promise her(ah girl)  to take care of her puppies  when she was delivering. Now Leslie age 3 years plus old so bring her to spayed although a bit late but I was told that  spay is good for her . She never bred .

Previous dog:

The dog (Yang Yang) ok . But keep skin allergic… but lot of supplements and see doc. Thank you .

Yang Yang