And the magic happened….glorious poop!

Barely 15 minutes after I wrote the previous post last night, Tabs went to the litter box, did a massive scratching routine and then……

….there was poop!

Glorious poop!!

I quickly took a photo and sent it to our vet, so that we could celebrate!

So, the plan now is to dial back on the Lactulose as the poop was rather watery with some solid. Lactulose for today would be just once.

And all night, Tabs was HUNGRY!

She kept asking for food, which is a great sign!

The vet says she would want to see more poop, so today’s subcut will be done.

If you are reading this now, I won’t have to explain why I post this photo (yes, of poop!). You will understand! Our vet used to say, only pet-parents and vets will take photos of poop and rejoice over it…haha.

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