Fundraising: Food aid for two shelters

Our Food Aid to shelters was revived in October 2018 and intensified during the MCO because shelters were facing difficulties in raising funds. At that time, especially during the MCO, neutering claims dropped significantly and we also had some reserves, so we decided to channel these excess funds to provide food to shelters.

In doing so, we noticed that some donors were happy to donate specifically for food and rightly so since shelters will always need food for their animals.

We have been providing food aid to several shelters since 2018 and for this month, we would like to fundraise to provide food to two shelters: Imm’s Shelter in Ipoh and Survivor Shelter in Semenyih. Both are small shelters with about 50 animals each and most importantly, both are run by operators who care deeply for their animals. Sick animals are sent for veterinary care and those with terminal diseases are also given tender loving care until it is time to go. Both shelters do not have any publicity on social media. Please see below for photos.

If you would like to donate for the purpose of this food aid, we would appreciate your generosity very much. Please state in your bank-in that it is for the food aid. If any general donation is made, as always, it will be prioritised for neutering and any excess will be channeled to the Food Aid. We thank you in advance.

Imm’s Shelter

Imm’s Shelter was founded by Mdm Oei Phaik Imm. She is well into her seventies now. She is assisted by Judy Chua (also in her seventies) and Judy sends a complete accounting of how donations are used every 1-2 months to all donors through email. The shelter was destroyed by a heavy thunderstorm last year and they had to use up all their reserves for repairs and renovations. We first extended our help to Imm’s Shelter way back in March 2011 so we do go back a long, long way. The dogs and cats at Imm’s are cared for very lovingly by Imm, Judy and all their volunteers. The shelter currently has 26 dogs and 15 cats. Two dogs are undergoing treatment for tick fever at the vet’s.

Volunteers (mostly senior citizens) bathing the dogs at Imm’s

Survivor Shelter

Survivor Shelter was founded by Ms Ong Siew Hiang who is a dog rescuer. The shelter currently has 48 dogs, most of whom are her personal rescues over the years and some were sent in by friends. Ms Ong works as a hawker through the night, selling burgers at a foodcourt to earn enough to sustain her shelter. She has a very dedicated worker who manages the shelter and looks after all the dogs. The worker reports to Ms Ong if any dog is sick and Ms Ong will arrange for a pet taxi to take the dog(s) to the vet. At the moment, a dog is under veterinary treatment for paralysis. The prognosis is good as the vet said it is a nerve problem which can be treated with medication. All her dogs are de-ticked and treated (if ill) before entering the shelter to ensure that diseases (if any) will not spread to the other dogs.

Ms Ong and her dogs