Jayden and Ginger’s first order of the day

As the say, “First things first”.

The first thing that Jayden does when he comes every morning (that is if he doesn’t stay overnight) is to check his books and business ledgers at his office.

You simply cannot find a better and more dedicated CEO, right? It’s Sunday and Baby J is hard at work first thing in the morning.

And so is Ginger. Ginger would quickly take up position as Baby J’s bodyguard and back rest. Ginger never fails to do his duty. Again, you cannot ask for a better bodyguard. Ginger doesn’t even get paid, whether in cash or kind. He just does his duty.

The job is done, now…for some adventure!

Look! Tabs found a new home!

Both Ginger and Tabs recovered very quickly from their recent ailments. Ginger had his dental and was already eating well the moment he came back from the vet’s even though he gave the vet a scare when he started retching under anaesthesia during the procedure. Tabs also got well from the mysterious what-did-she-eat stomach disorder in just 2-3 days.