Who is the new resident?

He is actually not new.

He’s been around for months.

And he has dual citizenship – both at Bunny’s Place and Ginger’s Catio, plus a passport to travel out to the garden compound.

But he actually prefers to chill out with the cats most of the time.

So, who is this privileged person?

It is Toad.

Toad (yes, he is a toad and his name is, simply, Toad) lives in Ginger’s Catio and Bunny’s Place. He has free access because he is so small and can go through Stargate easily (even without a passport). But it isn’t illegal entry because he has citizenship in both places. All the cats accept him and lives in harmony with him even though I suspect he isn’t born in either place, but there is no concept of “pendatang” here. Our cats may fight among each other, but they are somehow very kind to Toad. Maybe they granted him refugee status? I don’t really know.

This morning, Toad went into Bunny’s Room and was a bit lost.

We had to take him back out with the help of the dustpan.

I actually watched Toad growing up from a tiny little thing to his adult size now. He often resides in the sandpit (yes, I don’t know why, but he likes it there; the sand camouflages him) and when I clean the sandpit, he jumps up. In the early morning, it is dark, so it is hard to see him. But I use a plastic scoop, so there is no danger of accidentally hurting him.