Another early morning fight (Robin-Smurfy)

What’s with our male cats? Why do practically all of them turn into fighters even if they were mild-mannered when first rescued?

My husband has a theory. He says that if we “sayang” them too much, they will gain confidence and turn into fighters.


Cow Mau, Bunny and Indy are definitely warriors. Perhaps only Tiger and Vincent were mild-mannered. Zurik was a fighter too. Ginger is now a confirmed baby-faced fighter (who also wins all fights).

When Minnie-5 came back, they were all so friendly with each other and mild-mannered so we heaved a sigh of relief and concluded (erroneously now) that “all grey tabbies are mild-mannered” as were Tiger and Vincent. Never mind that Zurik was a fighter – he was an exception.

But how wrong we are.

So who are the grey tabbies now? Rey and Robin. Minnie is a female and our females are not fighters though they can be very fierce. Take Cleo, for example. She is the Queen. Even Cow Mau fears her. She just doesn’t fight, but she is the Queen. Females are just so much smarter than males, aren’t they? They don’t have to fight to get to the top. They ARE already at the top by virtue of being female.

Smurfy is a grey cat. Lynx is black with a patch of white.

So among Rey, Robin, Smurfy and Lynx, who started this morning’s fight? Take a guess, please.

Robin? Little Robin? Little previously-malnourished Robin who came back at only 3.4kg (but is now 4.5kg and all muscle)?

Oh yes, Robin initiated the fight this morning and who was the victim?

Big Brother Smurfy was the victim.

We had to break up the fight.

Big Bully Lynx was so scared that he huddled up against Minnie.

The perpetrator for today, Little Robin.

Smurfy, the victim.

Robin coming down the platforms.

Ginger: Why are you taking my photo? I didn’t do anything…today. 

Fights are contagious. Inside Bunny’s Place, Indy wanted to take it out on poor Rey. So I quickly scooped Rey up and put him back in the Catio before he got hurt. By the way, we are REALLY lucky this round that Indy’s paw wound is healing well. I took photos for the vet to update her too. Looks like Vetri DMG and Beazyme were sufficient this time.

What’s with you, Robin? Why have you become a bully now?

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