Cindy’s Creamy for our Super Seniors

Actually, it’s for Bunny.

He’s so very choosy these days and he has protein loss, so I need to ensure he eats. As the vet said, “As long as they eat.”

So I decided to try Cindy’s Creamy. It’s a new range. The protein content is 7%, so that’s definitely low enough. And it’s also grainfree.

For today, everyone loved it!

I only bought the chicken flavours because our cats are all super seniors, with Bunny and Cleo having chronic kidney disease, so I would avoid tuna as far as I can since tuna has natural sea salt.

Cow wants more!

I hope Bunny likes this range, at least for awhile. I will alternate between this and Cindy’s Originals.

Tabs found out about it and wanted it too!