More fish meals for Bunny

Since Bunny has been showing a definite preference for fish, I would respect his choice and give him more fish.

Today, we tried Back2Nature’s fish canned food. It’s a grainfree food.

I bought Wild Tuna & Mackerel and Wild Tuna & Sardine. There are 12 flavours.

The Super Seniors love it!

Of course I will rotate their protein every day. Indy still has pasty stools and I hope Bioflor will solve the problem in time. But with Indy, it’s never easy.

You’d notice at the tip of Bunny’s ears are hardened crusted scabs. He will scratch them, then the scab comes off and it will bleed. I will apply Fucidin on it, then it heals, and it will get crusted again. The cycle repeats. He’s been having this for quite long now. The vet says it is most likely a food allergy issue. But we don’t know what he is allergic to. Could it be chicken since Bunny’s food has always been chicken based? We shall see if by giving a bit more fish for now whether the problem will lessen. In any case, it is more of a cosmetic issue and not a life-threatening one. The vet said a course of steroids might solve the problem but I’d rather not put Bunny through another round of medication at this age unless it is absolutely necessary.

But all said, fish is still not a cat’s ancestral or biologically-appropriate food since cats come from the deserts of Persia and there’s no fish there. Still, “kucing makan ikan” is very common in Asia.

My main objective now is to fatten Bunny up. He has lost so much weight because of the almost-three weeks of diarrhoea. So I’m listening to Bunny. He wants fish, so he gets fish!

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