Jayden and the cats

There was a period where Ryan was very interested in the cat’s water bowl…to tip it over, pour out all the water and splash it around!

Now, it’s Jayden’s turn.

But Jayden does it when I’m not looking, that is, when I go to the back to bring in laundry, for example. That’s when he will quickly sneak/crawl to the kitchen and do the mischief.

This is Jayden fleeing from the crime scene in one of yesterday’s episodes.

Jayden: How do you know it was me? There is no CCTV camera here. You have no proof.

This is Jayden pulling out Ginger’s basket to play with his best friend.

Jayden: I want to play with the other cats.

Going for Cleo.

Cleo saves herself from the monster-baby!

Suddenly he eyes another water bowl and his eyes totally lit up!!