What does Bunny want to eat?

It’s back to the Surprise-Me-Happy-Meals again for Bunny now.

But Bunny clearly has a preference for fish these days. I know the vet says fish isn’t suitable when there’s diarrhoea, but that’s what Bunny wanted and so far, he has been diarrhoea-free for 6 days now and switching to fish was one of the changes I made not because I wanted to, but because Bunny asked for fish.

Here’s what I think though I’m not a vet, so this is only an unqualified opinion of a pet parent. Bunny’s diarrhoea stopped when I started him on Clavamox and Bioflor (this is a medical brand of Saccharomyces Boulardii). At the same time, Bunny had already started asking for fish and I was giving him fish. I think the Clavamox addressed the bacterial infection in the gut which Metrogyl completely failed to do earlier. Oh, I also dewormed him 3 days consecutively before giving the Clavamox. So maybe he did have a tapeworm infection which his body could not get rid of (tapeworm isn’t one of the dangerous worms and cats are known to be able to handle them without any intervention). I must also give some credit to Bioflor – I think it did its job too. And finally, perhaps the change of protein to fish did help after all. Maybe Bunny also had a chicken allergy?

It’s all maybes but as I’ve said, it is not particularly important to me to pinpoint exactly what worked. I just wanted Bunny to get better and feel better. Maybe the entire combination worked. Life is actually much more complicated than what we know of it. Some things simply cannot be simplified!

But all said, Bunny is not out of the woods yet. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

Now, my aim is to make sure Bunny put on some of the massive weight he had lost due to the diarrheoa. This means ensuring that he eats. If that means feeding him small regular meals, then I’ll just have to do that: Whenever Bunny wants food, Bunny gets food (but so does everyone else in Bunny’s Place!). Well, everyone here is already a super senior, so I suppose that’s okay.

Then, there’s the daily constant monitoring of this stools to ensure the diet is right so that the diarrhoea does not return. But also, to ensure the constipation is addressed. Bunny has been coping with chronic constipation since July this year and I thought he would have to be on lifelong Cisapride and Lactulose. I haven’t restarted him on Cisapride yet. But two days ago when I saw him straining to defecate, I did give him a minimal 1ml dosage of Lactulose and that worked. Of course if Bunny does not need daily Cisapride and Lactulose, that would be a huge, huge, huge bonus.

Another thing that has changed is that I’ve stopped Bunny’s Omeprazole for his gastric problems. Before this, I tried stopping and he would vomit his breakfast out. But I’ve stopped it for 3 days now, and so far, there’s been no vomit. If I could stop any medication without adverse effects, that’ll be a good thing.

So yes, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

But I’m so, so glad the diarrhoea is over. Let’s hope it stays OVER!

Eat up, Bunny Bun Buns!

Rey is pretty amazing, isn’t he? He can just stay and watch the super seniors eat without asking for anything. Amazing discipline and willpower, I must say. Better than many humans I know!

By the way, it’s coming to 4 days being on Back2Nature canned food. Bunny still loves it.

This is a fairly new product from Ecopet.

Cleo, as always, is on her anorexic diet. Well, as long as she is reasonably healthy and does not lose weight, it’s completely okay.

Bunny Bun Bun’s poo, freshly produced this morning:

If this is not beautiful, what is?

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