Cobalaplex for Bunny

Our vet recommended Protexin’s Cobalaplex for Bunny.

Here is some information about this product:

It contains B-12, folic acid and prebiotics and is recommended for gastrointestinal health.

Bunny’s diarrhoea finally stopped after I started him on Clavamox (thanks to our vet) and Bioflor (thanks to our brilliant pharmacist).

Bioflor alone also worked for Indy’s off-and-on diarrhoea.

So, now to heal Bunny’s gut, the vet recommended Cobalaplex for two weeks. He only needs to take one capsule on alternate days (or half a capsule per day). The vet says this product will also help in the motility in the intestines, so I’m hoping it will help avert constipation.

I also got our super seniors metal plates instead of their usual bowls because Bunny has been having trouble eating up all his food. Sometimes, cats do not like having their whiskers touch the sides of the bowl, hence, plates are recommended. Plates are flatter.

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