The day Rey landed…

…right smack on Cow Mau!

I saw it all just now.

Rey had jumped onto the top of Stargate and was ready to jump down. He glided down halfway and jumped….straight onto Cow Mau!

Luckily it was armoured-truck Cow Mau and not Bunny.

And luckily for Rey (and me) that Cow Mau has already mellowed with age nowadays. Had it been 6 years ago….I would be on my way to the vet’s right now with Rey in tow.

So Rey landed onto Cow Mau and Cow hissed and growled. I was right there so I quickly pacified him.

Nothing escalated. Phew!

Rey has also been bullying Cleo quite a bit these days. And yesterday, I caught Rey intimidating Indy. Indy did not even fight back. He was, in fact, trying to avoid a fight.

Good boy, Indy!

Rey…grow up, will you?

But that’s precisely the problem, isn’t it? Rey is only 2 years old (plus). That would be equivalent to a human who is in his twenties. Ah well, still foolish.

For those who might be interested, here’s how humans think cats and dogs grow – it’s accelerated growth in the first two years.

Cat/dog     Human equivalent
1 yo                  15 yo
2 yo                  24 yo

Subsequently just add 4 years to each year (or add 1 year every 3 months). Meaning, when a cat or dog is 3 years old, they are equivalent to a 30 year-old human. When 4 years old, a 34 year-old human, etc. Keep adding 4 years per year.

This would explain why a cat or dog is already sexually active and reproductive by, say, 8-9 months old or earlier for some.

So, Cow is 16 years 6 months old, that means his human-equivalent age is about 82 years old. Rey is 2 years 5 months, so his human-equivalent age is about 26 years old.

So, a 26 year-old just landed on a 82 year-old and the 82 year-old was solid as a rock.

Way to go, Cow Mau!!

Don’t push your luck, Rey. But you don’t learn, do you?

Our rock-solid armoured-truck Iron-Cat.

Indy, as cranky as he is, is also a reasonable cat.

Cleo will defend her territory and not take nonsense from young ‘uns.

Bunny’s fighting days are over. He’s retired now.

Bunny has gone back to being very choosy over food again. Yesterday I gave him a new type of food as he did not want to eat his current food. He loved it, but I think it did not agree with him and there were pasty stools today. So, it’s Bioflor to the rescue. I keep a box handy at home now.

If only Bunny would go back to 100% raw food, but he is not keen. Cow Mau is on 60% raw food and his stools are absolutely beautiful.


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