Bunny’s diarrhoea came back…sigh

I am not sure if it’s the change in food or the Cobalaplex, but coincidentally with these two, the diarrhoea came back in Bunny. I discussed this with the vet and the only thing in Cobalaplex which “may” have cause an allergic reaction is the chicken flavouring. There’s chicken flavouring in the contents even though it is a capsule to facilitate animals who cannot be pilled where the capsule needs to be opened up and added to food. Otherwise Cobalaplex contains B-12, folic acid and prebiotics, which all seemed harmless in general. It is supposed to facilitate motility in the intestines too, which would be good for Bunny because he had chronic constipation before this diarrhoea issue surfaced.

We managed to solve the diarrhoea after trying various medications and supplements and finally what worked was the combination of Clavamox and Bioflor (preceded by a 3-day deworming).

Now, the diarrhoea is back so I’m starting with Bioflor first.

The problem with Bunny is that he doesn’t want to eat raw food nowadays. So I have to offer canned food and kibble just so that he will eat.

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