Rey-proofing Stargate…again!

We failed in our first round of Rey-proofing Stargate, so Rey still comes over the Bunny’s Place whenever he likes.

But in the past few days, he has been picking fights with Cleo and Indy. Indy has not fought back, but rather, tolerates the young ‘un’s annoying invitations to fight. Cleo retaliates by hissing and growling but she is also no match for the young ‘un.

So, we had to Rey-proof Stargate again.

Here’s what husband did yesterday with the only polycarb piece we have left. We’ve given away all the other pieces when we built the catio as we thought we would have no need of them anymore.

Okay, here’s how it works. See the red outline? That’s the polycarb piece. Rey normally launches off from the triangular space circled in blue on the window sill. It is actually a very small space for a big cat like him, but he does it effortlessly.  From this launch pad, jumps and lands on top of Stargate (where we have blocked off now with the polycarb piece). Then, he balances himself at the red-outlined area before gliding halfway down Stargate and jumps off onto the ground without so much as a thud. The polycarb piece is on Bunny’s side of the gate because the gate opens into Bunny’s Place.

When I saw what husband did, I told him it’s iffy. There’s still the space circled in yellow. Though it is really a very small space and it looks really difficult to launch off from the triangular patch on the window sill to the part circled in yellow, we are talking about cats here. Cats can do anything, can’t they?

Well, we would just have to test it out, won’t we?

And so we did. What do you think happened?

Rey, we’ve outsmarted you this time…..HAHAHAHA!!

For only about 15 minutes, I think.  Because after we went out and came back, Rey was already back in Bunny’s Place.

Ding, ding, ding!!

Rey – 2; Humans – 0.

But all is not lost, we can cover up that space circled in yellow. Just needs some effort.

Meanwhile, here’s everyone eating, but where is Lynx?

Why is Lynx locked up in the condo to eat?

It is because Lynx still snatches everyone’s food. He did it when he was a mere kitten. And he is still doing it now.

When Minnie-5 came back home to us, Lynx was the only one who was overweight. The rest were “just okay” while Robin was severely malnourished and underweight. Robin is on track with his ideal weight now. Lynx is still overweight, though!

When I lock him up, he actually eats less. Guess there is no fun eating alone, eh?

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