Zero Expectations. Zero Disappointments.

There is a big difference between having hope and having expectations.

We wrote to 6 parliamentary candidates requesting that when and if they land in parliament, would they be interested in amending the council by-laws so that ear-notched (neutered) animals will not be captured. That’s all we asked.

YB Wong Chen – I first wrote to him in 2013 when he first came into power. His assistant replied saying the by-laws were not within their jurisdiction but they would encourage people to adopt street animals. That’s that. So when I wrote to him again last week, I did not expect him or his assistant to even reply. I was right. The reason I wrote to him was that I live in his constituency. Congratulations for winning, by the way.

YB Syed Saddiq – I first wrote to him on 23rd October 2022 through Facebook Messenger. There was no response at all. Then, since I was in a writing mood, I wrote to him again a week before elections, through email. No response. Not surprising at all. Syed Saddiq did win, though. Congratulations, YB.

YB Nurul Izzah – I thought I had seen her holding a cat in one of her publicity advertisements once, so why not, I’d just give it a try. No response. Okay. No worries. I heard she has lost Permatang Pauh now.

YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim – I first wrote to him in 1987 (yes, 35 years ago!) when I graduated top of my course but did not get a posting to a government school to teach (my first and only choice of profession at the time). He was the education minister then. After what seemed months, his political secretary replied very politely saying that there were policies to follow. I still did not get a posting after that and we were told that the whole country had a excess of science and mathematics teachers at the time. After a year, I was selected to be converted to become an English teacher (since there was such a shortage, so the education ministry claimed) and after completing that course, I was posted to a secondary school in PJ only to be asked by the principal, “We don’t need an English teacher, can you teach science and mathematics instead?”. So fast forward to today, I decided to just write to him as well regarding our concern about street animals since he was PM-designate. No reply too. That’s okay. I wasn’t expecting any. Congratulations for winning Tambun, YB.

Puan Siti Kasim – Now, she was the only one who replied saying she would bring up the matter if she landed in Parliament as animal welfare is close to her heart. Thank you very much, Puan. I like you for being a defender of minority groups and you stand for anti-bullying. I am sorry that you did not win. I was rooting for you, Puan. I was rooting for all independents, actually.

YB Amira Aisya – I was impressed with this young lady from her speeches in the MUDA campaigns. But she too did not reply. That’s okay. I was expecting any. Did she win, by the way? I think not if MUDA only had one seat.

Many years ago, I had already engaged in discussions with a few politicians regarding this same issue. All of these led to nothing, or worse (I shall say no more). From these failed discussions, I’ve learnt that it is okay to have hope, but please do not have any expectations. There is a difference between the two.

Zero expectations. Zero disappointments.

I actually was not going to vote (because I do not feel represented by the candidate), but at the last minute, decided to just join the bandwagon and get my finger inked or I will not hear the last of it from diehard people who say “you MUST vote, you must exercise your democratic right”. Well, what about my democratic right NOT to vote then, I asked, to which the reply was that I was being foolish. Oh well…whatever, just to get them off my backs!

So, never mind that there will probably be no voice for the street animals in Parliament. That’s expected, isn’t it? This is not going to put a damper on the work we do.

We will carry on, as usual, as always.

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