Ding, ding, ding!!!!!!

Rey was still coming over to Bunny’s Place and trying to pick fights with Cleo and Indy. We cannot risk the Super Seniors getting injured in any way, especially if we are not at home. All it takes is a few seconds of scuffle to result in injuries. The Super Seniors are too old to put up a fair fight against the young, robust and extremely muscular Rey.

So we have to take the necessary actions to finally seal up Rey’s Stargate entrance to Bunny’s Place.

This was done late last night. Since this is the only polycarb piece we have left, we turned it 90 degrees so that it blocks as much of that gap on the left as it can. There’s only a very small gap and there’s NO WAY Rey can get a good grip on the top of the gate now to balance himself before he glides down to Bunny’s Place. Why, he won’t even be able to squeeze through that small gap; he’s way too big. He also cannot use the right side of the gate because there’s NO WAY he can jump up so high from the ground to land on top of the gate.


RIGHT!! Haha…. Here he is, in the living room, outside Bunny’s Room.

So all night, Rey remained in the catio. Hahahaha….. Sorry, old boy, you lost in the final battle!! Hahaha…

This morning, I let everyone into Bunny’s Place to eat grass, under supervision. Rey came in too but headed straight for Bunny’s Room. He skipped the grass-eating session.

Haha, Rey. Now, you only get supervised visits to Bunny’s Place.

Rey – 2; Humans – 1.

And later mid-morning, I went into Bunny’s Place to check on the Super Seniors when Indy asked for food….


HOW did you get over???

The polycarb is intact. HOW did Rey get over???

Rey: HAHAHAHA…..!!!!!

Rey – 3; Humans – 0.


Really and honestly, cats should rule the world.

I wish they did!! I shall be only too glad and honoured to be their humble servant.

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