Sam’s here and some progress with Riley

This morning started at 5.30am.

Riley came in to eat her canned tuna with chicken. I’m going to gradually introduce chicken to her.

Going nearer. But she is still very cautious.

She finished the entire can, then I offered canned chicken but she wasn’t very interested.

Outside in the porch, she wanted kibble and I noticed that I can approach her nearer when we are in the porch, so I did a courageous thing and I carried her! Haha…only to be scratched. I quickly let her go as I did not want to spook her and lose all the trust we are building thus far. Just scratches, no puncture wounds, no bleeding. I might have to wear gloves next time but I don’t do well with gloves. I cannot feel.

Hi Riley, sorry… Hope we can still be friends?

The canned chicken wasn’t enough to tempt her into the house, so I offered it in the porch and she ate.

Canned chicken as a mark of apology from me for attempting to carry her.

And Samantha came!!

I got a better look this time and I am pretty sure she has delivered and her belly is still big, that’s all. I don’t think she has anymore kittens inside. Joy said to check if her nipples are swollen but I could not see them.

Hey, Little One! She was a trifle spooked after my attempt at carrying her today. That would be a minor setback.

Samantha looks absolutely well.

She has definitely given birth. I just hope her kittens are safe at her home.

Lepak time? Samantha and Riley are best friends.

By the way, Bushy came into the porch today as well. Oh dear…

Luckily Jayden slept through all of it!

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