Which is the lesser evil for Bunny – diarrhoea or constipation?

Bunny’s diarrhoea has ended but he had constipation this morning.

I saw him straining early this morning and nothing came out. Then I quickly gave him Cisapride, Lactulose, Gentle Digest and also some coconut fiber. I won’t want to wait it out because he was already straining and I would try to avoid an enema.

At mid-morning, he strained again and this time, only a small biji (that’s how our vets describe it!) came out. It was extraordinarily small; only the size of a macadamia nut.

I palpated Bunny this morning but I felt nothing. Hmm….

By afternoon, it was lunch time, so I fed them.

Cleo doesn’t want the food. She’s anorexic (but I don’t mean that in a serious way, though!).

This is Monge’s Monoprotein (single protein) Rabbit. I know they don’t particularly like it on a daily basis, BUT I still give it to them every few days so that they have rabbit protein in their diet. Cubgrub does not have stock of (raw) rabbit yet and our Super Seniors are not so keen on raw food nowadays.

Ms Anorexic Cleo.

The boys shared up Cleo’s portion.

Then, as usual, I made my rounds to inspect the garden and found this jewel!!

WOW!!!!!  This is Bunny’s!!!  He managed to defecate! Yay, Bunny, yay!!

Cleo finally ate kibble. Okay, as long as she eats something!

Now, back to Bunny. I initially thought soft and pasty stools was the lesser of the two evils in comparison with constipation. But I was wrong. Of course both are bad and unfortunately, Bunny kind of has both. It’s either this or that. When Bunny was having pasty stools, he actually kept losing so much weight until he was emaciated. I thought that was it when we couldn’t find a way to stop it.

So now, if I had to choose, I think soft pasty stools is worse than constipation.

Bioflor really helped with the diarrhoea, but does it help with constipation too? I don’t know and my pharmacist also does not know.

The website says:

Bioflor® is commonly used for treatment of general digestion problems. It is also used for treating and preventing diarrhoea, including infectious types such as: Rotaviral diarrhoea in children. Diarrhoea caused by gastrointestinal overgrowth by unwanted bacteria in adults.

My pharmacist sent this:

From this, I feel maybe it can help with constipation, right?

I would very much prefer that Bunny is helped by supplements and/or food rather than drugs.

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