Caught Riley…

It was purely by chance.

Riley came to eat inside the house this evening and right behind her was Creamy. Creamy too was trying to get into the house because I think he was attracted by the canned food.

So while Riley was eating, I had to close the door. I was afraid Creamy would frighten her. I managed to casually walk past Riley and…I closed the door!

Riley was now in the house, with the door closed and still eating.

So I casually went out, gave Creamy some kibble and came back inside. Riley was still eating.

But the moment she finished eating, Riley realised she was “trapped” inside the house and she went berserk. She scaled the steel netting on security door many times, mewing, obviously trying very hard to get back outside.

It was only about 7pm. If I were to let her remain inside until tomorrow, it would be many hours of being traumatised by the “capture”. But I still gave her time with the hope that she might settle down. I gave her more food (she was too traumatised to eat), placed a litter box near the door. Rolled a ball towards her, tried to attract her with a string toy, sat with her and talked calmly to her. Prepared a basket for her too.

Nothing worked.

Riley was totally traumatised. She was just scaling the security door trying to get out.

Seeing how stressed she was, husband said it’s best to let her go. Maybe she wanted to go home (if she has a home, that is).

I concurred as it was truly heartbreaking seeing her so traumatised. So I opened the door and Riley went out. I thought she’d rush home, but she did not. She just went under my car.

Okay, that’s a good sign. She doesn’t hate me. I went out to check later and Riley was still in our porch.

But she sat as far away as she could, that is, at the gate. Okay, that’s still good.

Later on, she came back under my car and I offered food again. Riley came in!! Good, good…

I’m not going to attempt to close the door this time. I think we really need to be able to touch her first.

I left the front door open all night so that Riley could come in and out as she pleases, but she chose to stay right outside the door. The only way to get her inside was to offer a new kind of food.

While this was going on, Tabs had to be inside Bunny’s Place. Otherwise, Tabs would surely frighten Little Riley off.

So all night, I offered various types of food. Riley can REALLY eat. She had Cindy’s canned food, Back2Nature canned food, Primal Freeze-Dried and Monge canned food. It was an evening buffet for Riley!

I sat with her, as near as she would allow, without spooking her.

There’s a cardboard box, a basket (which Creamy sometimes sleeps in) and another new basket for Riley.

She normally does go off after eating, but despite the traumatic experience of being “trapped” inside the house just now, Riley is still here now. I guess that’s a good sign. I thought she would run away and never come back again, but thankfully, that did not happen.

One step at a time.

I think we really need to get closer to her and have her trust us more.