Best friends forever – Ginger and Smurfy

When Smurfy first came to our home, he was only a 3 month-old street kitten.

He looked upon Ginger as a father figure. The two bonded and became the best of friends. In fact, Minnie also fostered a bond with Ginger.

After being away for 1.5 years, Minnie and her boys came back to our home and it was like the bond was never lost at all.

The two of them are still very, very close. Here they are in Jayden’s cot!

Minnie and her boys have been really good for Ginger who would otherwise be alone as he doesn’t have much of a relationship with Tabs. And inside Bunny’s Place, Indy and Ginger are the “best of nemeses”.

It isn’t about colour too.

It’s all a matter of affinity. In Cantonese, it is called “yuin fun”.

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