Small progress with Riley

Riley slept on our shoe bench last night but later, she disappeared.

This morning she was waiting right outside our front door at 4.30am.

My attempt now is to sit on that purple stool while she eats. I managed to! She wasn’t very hungry this morning. Granted, she had a buffet dinner last night!!

I’m sitting on the purple stool.

Samantha came to eat twice this morning. Yesterday, a fun thing happened. I was walking in the neighbourhood and saw Samantha up the road, quite a distance away from our house. I called her to follow me and she actually did! She trailed me all the way to our house where I fed her. Not too close, though. At a safe distance.

But once she is at our porch, we can approach quite close.

This is her second breakfast this morning – canned tuna and seabream. Previously, Samantha did not know how to eat canned food at all.

Riley went to play with Samantha for awhile, then Sam went off and Riley came back to our porch, under my car.

I vacuumed the living room and Riley wasn’t even afraid of the loud sound of the vacuum cleaner, which is a good thing. Tabs is! Rey is totally terrified of the vacuum cleaner sound.

Little Riley wasn’t. She was quite curious and watched the vacuum cleaner from outside the front door.

The challenging thing is that I want to keep the front security door open as much as possible so that Riley can come in to explore whenever she likes, but when doing so, I have to ensure Tabs is in Bunny’s Place and Ginger is in the catio. Tabs has been very understanding about this. Also, keeping the security door open is inviting mosquitoes into the house!

Small steps…

An update: I managed to touch Riley with my finger tips (without her scratching or hissing back)!!  Hooray!