The Catio Gang: Minnie-5 and Ginger (guess Robin’s weight!)

With so much attention lately on Bunny and Riley, here’s some updates on Minnie-5 and Ginger.

Rey, making a rare appearance at the catio. Why rare? Because he practically lives in Bunny’s Place despite all attempts to stop him from going over! Remember, Humans – 0, Rey -3 ?

How does Rey do it? I’ve seen him perched at the narrow gap (green arrow) many times now. And 4 days ago, I placed this can of paint on his triangular launch pad on the window sill thinking that it might deter him from jumping over.  Haha… As you can see, the can of paint is intact, exactly as I’ve placed it, and Rey has been jumping over, anyway.

I must say that Rey gets top price as our most capable Spider-Cat. We have had 4 Spider-Cats to date. In chronological order, that would be (1) Pole, (2) Indy, (3) Daffodil and (4) Rey. Rey beats them all!

By the way, Rey weighs 6.5kg now. He is all muscle too.

Ginger spends quite a lot of time with the boys in the catio nowadays, which means he also eats two meals like the boys, and yet, look at him. He is still the same size!

Smurfy weighs 5.25kg, so that’s good. He lost some weight after returning home a few months ago, but his weight is ideal now.

Lynx weighs 6.35kg but looks “fatter” than Rey. He has put on more than 1kg since he came back. And this is despite eating only 2 meals per day.

Rain, shine or heavy thunderstorm, Minnie is usually at her safe spot on the lookout. She loves it there. It’s also completely sheltered from the rain. Minnie too has definitely put on weight, but I have yet to weigh her because it is extremely difficult to catch her!

Here’s Little Robin. The condo belongs to him and is his safe spot whenever it rains or he feels unsafe. How much do you think Robin weighs now? He came back a malnourished 3.4kg in July. He weighed 4.2kg in August. And now, he is…….

…5.0kg !!! (and all muscle)

And all of them only eat 2 meals a day, 100% Coco&Joe’s!

For protein rotation, they have raw rabbit, raw chicken, cooked sardines (fish) and raw turkey.

Cats cannot eat raw fish (it can be fatal because the enzyme in raw fish, thiaminase, will destroy thiamine (vitamin B)).

Thanks to the platforms and the lookout by Golden Triology, they get plenty of gymnastic exercise every day!

Even Ginger jumps up to play on it!