A major setback with Riley…sigh

Everything started off so well this morning.

Riley ate breakfast inside the house, as usual.

Later, Samantha came and she ate another breakfast with Sam.

This close.

I thought I was achieving lots of progress with Riley.

Later, she came again to ask for food because Samantha had snatched her food in the second breakfast and she let Sam eat.

This time, I placed the bowl inside the house and while she was eating, I quietly tip-toed from Stargate2 (the catio), barefoot to try and close the security door from outside.

What do you know? Cats read minds, so Riley knew. Before I could even approach the door, she ran out to under my car. So even so engrossed in eating, Riley knew.

I went back into the house and waited.

I repeated the above three times, as quietly as I could but each time, she knew and she ran out.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Yes, so foolish, right?  But I couldn’t think of what else to do at the time.

Riley refused to come into the house now, so I took the bowl out to the brown mat and offered it to her. She came to eat! It was more than close enough for me to scruff her, so I did that.

But she was way too fast and I could only manage to scruff the back of her middle and not the back of her neck. Everything happened way too fast. Riley turned back and bit me real hard. I didn’t let go and I used my other hand to try to scruff the back of her neck but she was faster. She bit my other hand as well.

I had to let her go. Otherwise, she would have continued biting my arm as well. I couldn’t risk getting bitten so hard.

Both of my thumbs were bleeding quite badly. I might need an anti-tetatus shot later when the clinic opens.

I washed both my hands with soap and gave Riley (and myself) a rest.

Then, I went out to offer her food, but this time, she just stayed under my car and refused to even come out. Of course, I wouldn’t have expected anything less than that.

Why should she trust me anymore?

I left her alone and kept the security door open with the food inside the house. She did not come in anymore.  Again, that is to be expected.

Later, I went out to offer her food, but this time, she walked out of the gate.

I’m sorry, Riley. If only you knew I was doing this for your own good.

Creamy is an unneutered male. There’s also Bushy and Notty G – all unneutered.


I wonder if Riley will come back later today for food.

I don’t have any better ideas right now.

When we managed to trap her in the house on Monday, we should have just let her go berserk and hopefully later settle down. But Tuesday was an impossible day for me. Never mind. We all have our constraints and can only do our best amidst all our circumstances.

I will try again.

It seems to me now that Riley must be a feral kitten. Her cautious and defensive instincts are intact.

My friend took EIGHT years before she could catch a street cat whom she fed daily.  Yes, EIGHT years.

An update at 8.45am: Riley is back under my car now.  I offered a bowl of food, but she moved away.  I’ll give her a rest today.  Would have to regain her trust.

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