Ladies and gentlemen….a raffia string (Riley is caught)!

So we simply had to catch Riley, with Creamy around.

We tried the usual. I placed the bowl of food in the house and I sat outside the shoe bench to wait. Riley actually went in halfway through the doorway but she is too smart. She refused to go in. So there I was, waiting at the shoe bench, being as nonchalant as calm as I could be (believe me, I was), but Riley simply did not take the bait.

Next, husband says he has a long stick. He will remain outside the porch, to do his taiji, but be ready to push the security door close with the stick when Riley goes in.

Did that work? Nope, it did not either.

So finally, we had to resort of the raffia string again.

By then Jayden had arrived for the day. And Jayden is unwell (poor baby has the flu and his nose is blocked) and he is fussing quite a bit.

This is a very simple plan. Let Riley come in and we will pull the raffia string to shut the door. That’s it. It better happen fast before Riley figures out the plan.

You see, initially, she did not know that I could actually shut the door, so she let me walk past her while she was eating (to shoo Creamy away), then I shut the door. But she went absolutely berserk after that, and we made a judgment call and let her go (which we now know was a mistake). From that experience, Riley already learnt that she must not allow me to walk past her. She also learnt that the security door can be shut and she would be trapped, so none of our plans worked after that.

I tried the carrier yesterday, but she wouldn’t go in at all. The carrier was left outside in the porch too. Nope, she wouldn’t go near it at all. So Riley learns very fast (as do all cats).

But Jayden got really excited and happy seeing Riley so he started crawling towards her. This spooked Riley and she went off. Uh-oh…a minor setback.

So I carried Jayden away to the kitchen while husband waited for Riley to come in, if ever she would. I think between the two of us, maybe she is more cautious of me because I’m the one who shut the door and scruffed her that day. In other words, I’m the bad guy. Husband hasn’t done anything to her. So it made sense for me to be out of sight.


…Riley came in and the raffia string was pulled!

She is in! She is in!


I’ve informed the vet and asked for an appointment tomorrow. That will give Riley 24 hours to settle down and I can fast her properly for the neutering procedure. But it’s going to be a real challenge to get through these 24 hours now. Jayden is unwell and he is crying a lot; he needs to be carried all the time.

Surprisingly, Riley did not go berserk but she isn’t happy. Of course, which self-respecting cat would be happy at being trapped? She mews quite a bit and hides between the wooden door and the security door. The food is untouched. Luckily she has eaten her fill this morning, so I know she is not starving. There’s a bowl of water and a litter box for her. There’s the raffia string for her to play with too. She loves to play with raffia strings.

And the door is permanently locked. No one will use this door until Riley gets to the vet’s. Luckily we have another exit/entrance – Stargate2, through the catio.

Tabs would have to be in Bunny’s Place for now. Probably until Riley gets to the vet’s. Sorry, Tabs. Please bear with us.

And very sorry, Riley, but it’s for your own good. You don’t want to be raped by Creamy.


Sorry, sorry, sorry, Riley.