This morning

At least it was business as usual. Samantha and Riley came to eat and I was able to approach them this close.

I know what you might be thinking, “Just grab her, for goodness sake!”. It’s impossible, I tell you. She’s faster than me.

In fact, I could get closer to Sam. Not Riley. Riley is super street-smart and very cautious. And very quick too.

But after an hour, Creamy and Riley were playing in our porch. That’s not good. With Sam being busy with her kittens, Riley is probably looking for a new friend and unknown to her, Creamy is a mature unneutered male cat.

This cannot go on. We have to catch Riley for her own good. Somehow… And soon, too. I estimate Riley at 4 months old. Maybe? I really don’t know.

I remember catching Minnie was just one week late. She was already in very early pregnancy. That is why we had to let her deliver first.

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