What has Rey snatched from the Super Seniors now?

Poo spots!!

Yes, Rey has snatched poo spots from the Super Seniors.

First, he took Cleo’s poo spot on the sandpit. The sandpit is so long, why must he take Cleo’s spot? Remember Rey has been antagonising Cleo? Maybe this is part of his project to antagonise her further? So she took Cleo’s spot, and Cleo had to find another spot. Cleo took one of Bunny’s many spots. That is why I had been finding small stools at Bunny’s spot which I know for sure isn’t Bunny’s based on the diameter.

And as you know, I have to monitor Bunny’s stools daily, so this complicated things for me.

After Cleo took one of Bunny’s spot, Bunny had to find a new spot, so he went for Cow’s spot. Oh dear…again, I had to be very discerning by looking for the diameter of the faeces to know which is Bunny’s.

Next, what did Rey do? He took Indy’s poo spot!

Why, oh why?

So suddenly I found big stools (Rey’s stools are really big, can be mistaken for Bunny’s but now I’m sort of a poo analyst…I can tell the difference from the size and texture!) at Indy’s spot. Hmm…Indy does not produce big poop, I know.

So mischievous Rey stole Indy’s poo spot!

Now, I have to go hunting for Bunny’s new poo spots. But I found it today and there was a really nice long poo from Bunny Bun Buns!!

Rey eating Ginger’s food.

Cow Mau



Bunny Bun Buns

The Minnie and her boys coming over daily to eat grass. In the foreground is Minnie and way at the back is Smurfy.