Riley’s trips out of the room

Riley had two trips out of the room today.

Once was in the early morning when our part-time cleaner came.  I had to keep Riley in Robin’s big condo because I had chores to do while Riley’s room was being cleaned. The Monsters were very interested in Riley, especially Minnie. Tabs too was very interested. Girl power!

Our house colonies are grossly outnumbered by males. Minnie is the only female in the catio. Cleo is the only female in Bunny’s Place and Tabs is the only female (well, usually the only cat) in the living area. And we also have two grandsons…haha.

After the cleaning was done, Riley went back to her room upstairs. She just ate a little bit this morning. But she used the basin of soil to urinate twice, which is good. I’m adding more cat litter to it each time.

But Samantha came to look for Riley and so did Creamy. Given the choice, I am sure Riley wants to go back outdoors.

Now, it’s her second trip out of her room.

Riley is underneath the bluish-grey stool. Minnie, Ginger and the Monsters are all congregating nearby.

By the way, I chose the name “Riley” because I did not know whether she was a girl or boy initially. Riley sounds gender-neutral. Now I googled and here’s what I found:

In the Irish tradition, Riley is derived from a last name, Reilly, and the first name Raghailleach. These names mean “courageous” or “valiant.” In this tradition, the name Riley imbues little boys and girls with strength and bravery.

And little cats too!  How very apt!!

We might call her Riley Jane since Tabs is Tabitha Jane.  Haha…



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