Found!! (Lost dog in Kelana Jaya (Michelle Soo’s))

Updates at 11.47am on 6th Dec 2022: The dog has been found!!  Many thanks to everyone who helped share the post.

From Michelle:

Hi we have found the dog this afternoon, someone actually helped kept her for a week. Thank you very much for your help!

The original post (now with phone numbers removed):

If you have any information regarding Duo Duo, please contact Michelle direct at the number below. Thank you.

Hello, my friend has recently lost her dog on 24/11/2022, and she has tried searching her area and PAWS shelter to no available. Was hoping that anyone who lives nearby paradigm mall/Kelana jaya has seen her dog, her name is DuoDuo, aged 4 years with a red collar. We are hoping that a good samaritan has taken her in during this period😔 Kindly let us know which other shelter we should try, as we are also unsure if the dog catchers came that day or not. We may be contacted at: Michelle <removed> June <removed>.



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