Riley the Not-So-valiant?

Then name Riley means “courageous” or “valiant”.

I thought it is indeed a very apt name for little Riley because even as a feral kitten she was so brave. Brave enough to come into our porch to eat. Brave enough to mew loudly for food every morning right at our front door.

But today, Riley is not so valiant. Maybe she was scared of the construction noise nearby?

Every time I brought her downstairs, she would scuttle back upstairs to the safety of her room. I left her room door open so that she would have a chance to come downstairs on her own, but that proved to be a mistake. I think she doesn’t feel safe enough with the door open so she would just hide behind the TV all the time and would not eat.

I had to go up many times to sit with her, put her between my outstretched legs and only then would she eat on her own.

So she feels safer with the door closed.

Downstairs – Riley’s safe spot is under this bluish stool.

She sat on the bed with me until husband returned home and off she scuttled off back upstairs again.

The same thing happened with Tabs too when she made her way to our old house a month before we moved. She came from the street wearing a red collar with a bell. Marched straight into the house, touched noses with Bobby (she knew who the Big Boss was) and settled herself comfortably on top of the piano. She was so brave and confident…until Cow and Cleo chased her out from upstairs. Poor Tabs was absolutely terrified until she poo-ed all the way out from the upstairs windows to the roof and away. I had to go look for her that night and I found her digging someone’s dustbin and clutching a chicken drumstick in her mouth. I brought her back that night. Took her to the vet’s and the vet said she was already 7 months old. Got her neutered and Tabs moved with all of us to our present house. But Tabs has turned out to be a scaredy cat. She is afraid of thunder, loud noises, the sound of approaching large vehicles, etc.

In their hey day, the Cow Family were warriors. They ruled the entire street in our old neighbourhood.

Let’s see how Riley will turn out. It is only Day 5 today.

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