Revenge of the Super Seniors?

Human politics is cunning, scheming and often, annoying, but cat politics, on the other hand, is totally intriguing!

So, the Minnie and her Monsters have been coming over to eat grass every morning. They absolutely love the grass, especially Robin. Robin does have some digestive problems so he still occasionally gets loose stools (I give him Bioflor nowadays) or he is often seen vomiting after eating grass (the usual hairball).

Anyway, they love to come over to eat grass and serai (lemongrass).

The Super Seniors have been very graciously allowing them to eat that ever-fertile and flourishing big patch of grass (we call it Heidi’s medicinal grass because Heidi would go for it at the park, so we got some stalks back to plant).

But lately, when Rey began mischievously bulling the Super Seniors, guess what the Super Seniors started doing?

Fighting back?


They started urinating on the patch of grass.

Oh no…

But how can you stop cats from doing what they want, right?

You simply cannot.

So now…

This is all that’s left of the grass. You see those yellowish brown patches? There used to be grass there too.

And who urinates here? All of them! I’ve seen Cow, Bunny, Cleo and Indy do it. It’s a conspiracy!! It’s revenge!

Ginger discovers a new patch. I’ve seen it too, but there are just a few stalks here.

Bunny may be blind, but he knows what’s going on too.

I usually let the Monsters eat grass to their heart’s content before sending them back to the catio, but today, something happened while I was in the kitchen. I heard a loud growl from Cow Mau so I quickly rushed in.

I found fur on the ground and the last of the Monsters fleeing back to the catio. Everyone fled for their lives!!

And that was just a warning growl from Cow Mau.

I am very sure, that if all things were equal (and by this, I mean, age, primarily), the Monsters are absolutely NO fight for the Warriors (the Super Seniors in they hey day). No fight at all.

At 16, Cow is still a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Indy was sleeping in his penthouse but is now awake.

Indy: Need help, Cow? 

Cow: Piece of cake, go back to sleep. 

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