Riley Day 6 – less hiding!

Last night, Riley played with me on the bed in her room. She nibbled at my arm and even rolled over belly-up (this is huge for a cat!) to let me tickle her belly. All was well and happy until husband and Tabs came in and she fled behind the TV again.

Riley really needs quite a lot of time to warm up to new people.

This morning, when I came into her room, she came out from behind the TV to greet me. Now, this is progress! Before this, I’ve always had to carry her out from behind the TV or behind the toilet bowl where she would hide.

She also finished all her wet food last night, which includes the raw food. Some kibble was left over. The transition to raw food isn’t as fast or encouraging as I’ve hoped for, but that’s perfectly okay. I thought that as a feral kitten, she would take to raw food instantly but she did not. I suspect she had been eating remnants of kibble, growing up in the neighbourhood. There are quite a few houses here with cats, so she must have made friends and gone to eat their leftover food.

This morning’s breakfast consisted of Monge’s Seafood w Chicken and Coco&Joe’s raw food. She always goes for the canned food first.

She now lies here, and not behind the TV anymore.

And Tabs wants very much to be friends too, so she always waits outside the door. I let Tabs in last night, but Riley was hiding behind the TV.

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