Riley ate a 100% raw meal!!

Wow! This happened faster than I’d expected!

Riley just ate a 100% raw Coco&Joe’s meal!!

Now on hindsight, I should have just given her a 100% raw meal to start with. It might not even have been necessary to mix it with her canned food.

When I did mix it, she actually did not finish the food at all. I noticed she would go for the canned food first and leave the raw food uneaten or only later ate it up because there was nothing else to eat.

Just now, I offered her a bowl of raw food and she immediately ate it. She didn’t finish it all, but she ate half of it very voraciously, which is a good sign.

Normally, if it is canned food, she doesn’t go for it immediately. She would only eat after I coax her or I leave the room.

So I think she knows what food is biologically appropriate for her, after all!

Riley: Of course I do. I’m a street kitten, remember? 

Anyway, today we had a bit of a setback because I came down with a bad cough yesterday. The sound of my cough really startles and frightens poor Riley. She would be downstairs playing or sitting on my lap and the moment I cough, she would flee back upstairs.

The stupid cough! You know the type that comes from a very itchy throat? It’s that type – it makes you cough nonstop and it is most annoying.

Riley would have to learn that the sound of my cough is harmless.

Meanwhile, the vet informed me that Gerald and Creamy are both doing well but since I would be releasing them (returning them to their colony), she would prefer that they stay back at the clinic until their wounds completely heal. So she won’t be discharging them tomorrow.

Riley’s neutering has been brought forward to this Friday. Once she has been neutered, there will be less worry just in case she happens to escape from our house.

Just now I coughed (bummer!) and Riley scuttled back upstairs but later, she came to the landing and peeped at me. It was adorable!

I wish I could keep Riley’s room door open so that she can go in and out as she wishes, but she doesn’t finish her food at one go, so Tabs would go up and finish up the food for her! I can see that Tabs really wants to be friends with Riley.

It’s funny that when I was feeding Riley at the porch and inside the house (before “trapping” her), she would finish all the food (and ask for more) at one go, leaving none behind at all. She could even finish two cans of food at a time. But now that she is indoors, she takes her time to eat. The stray mentality is totally gone as far as eating is concerned.