Samantha is with Bushy…sigh

Samantha is with Bushy now.

Sigh. Neither of them would go away from each other.

Bushy comes once in a while. He is someone’s pet and I peeped – he’s not neutered. He wears a collar but is rather unkempt. Has skin issues especially in the head area.

I spend quite some time trying to separate the two, but they just wanted to be together.

Samantha came back to eat later.

She didn’t even come to eat early this morning.

In case you missed the news, Gerald and Creamy will not be discharged today as the vet wants to ensure their wounds heal completely before allowing me to release them.

We do need Gerald and Creamy to come back and occupy our street so that these other unneutered male pet cats will not enter. But all in good time.

The vet said Gerald and Creamy are estimated to be over a year old.

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