Furby wants a mother figure

Yesterday, the vet already told me that Furby’s persistent mewing is his call for his mother. Poor thing.

It didn’t help that Samantha rejects and smacks him. About Samantha, I discussed her case with the vet too. The vet says that if Sam is spending so much time in our porch now, it means she is no longer nursing her kittens. The vet said that some first-time mothers do not know how to nurse their young and might just abandon them. Sigh.

I don’t have much experience with mother-animals, though. My only experience was only with Pole and Minnie. The rest of our females were all spayed before they could get pregnant. Both Pole and Minnie looked after their kittens very well..for 4 months. After that, Pole started kicking all her kittens away too. Minnie went back to the street but came back to look-see on them. But until today, Minnie still has a very close bond with Smurfy, but only with Smurfy and not with her younger litter (Rey, Robin and Lynx). Maybe because Minnie and Smurfy survived on the street for 3 months on their own. Hence, the bond.

The mother-of-the-year of all our cats was Daffodil. Daffodil continued looking after Rosie and Ginger all the way even though she was already a very old cat at that time. But Daffodil also rejected Rosie when Rosie got sick – that was very sad. But that’s Nature, I guess.

So, back to Furby. Minnie showed some concern for Furby actually, but I haven’t got to putting Furby alone with Minnie yet. Working on that possibility…. This would require separating the Monsters, of course. I doubt the Monsters would harm Furby but our Monsters are all muscle and so big. Each one of them is 6 times Furby in terms of weight. They might not mean any harm, but they are just too strong. One pat might accidentally hurt little Furby.

So, this morning, after feeding Furby and giving him his medicines, I let Furby into Bunny’s Place. Bunny’s Place is safer than Ginger’s Catio. I was also concerned that despite putting some soil into the litter box, there is still no urine or faeces from Furby since coming back from the vet’s. He did urinate once yesterday before going to the vet’s, but that’s it. I think Furby needs some grass and soil.

I think he urinated.

The Monsters are very interested in Furby, but they are six times his size and in weight.

Rey keeps wanting to come over, so I had to monitor Furby closely. I am still not sure how the Monsters will behave with small kittens. I know our Super Seniors do not harm kittens (until you are 5 months old, then it’s fair game). Our Super Seniors have a code.

I put Riley here to see if she might be friends with Furby, but the moment Furby approached her, Riley fled for her life.

Big and little.

Hello, Uncle Bunny! Will you be my daddy?

Riley fled at the speed of lightning, terrified of little Furby.

Then, I heard growling from inside the room.

It was the Queen. She isn’t happy.

I quickly scooped Furby and put him back in his cage.

Furby needs to be in a home where he can find a mother figure. We don’t seem to have that in our house. The only possible candidate is Minnie, if she is willing, that is. Tabs doesn’t know anything about mothering.

But in any case, Furby is up for adoption. If interested, please contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com. Furby is currently under medication for his mild intestinal infection and mild eye ulcer. He has been dewormed and deflead. He can only be vaccinated on 26th December or later. Other than this, Furby is healthy. His adopter is welcome to apply for our vaccination and neutering aid since Furby is rescued from the street.

Furby is simply too young to be a CNRM-cat. He needs a home.