Furby’s adventure

I think Furby’s eye ulcer has healed (to my untrained eye). It is very easy to apply to eyedrop to his eye, but the Metrogyl syrup is a bit challenging. Still, it’s completely doable. Feeding him the medicine with a syringe totally reminds me of the time when I first rescued Indy and had to feed him medicine. It felt absolutely the same. Indy was only about 4 weeks old, found inside the drain by a friend. I was supposed to just look after Indy for 2 weeks while she went back to her hometown, but Indy’s been with us for 14 years now! But Indy did get very, very sick with multiple infections and a poor prognosis, so I looked after him until he got well.

Furby totally reminds me of Indy. He’s just as feisty. The (good) thing is that Furby is not sick. He’s only got a mild intestinal infection.

This morning, I put Furby in Bunny’s Place for some grass-and-soil play time. Then, from there, he is now playing at the catio.

Cow Mau wasn’t very friendly to him.

But Smurfy was….aww…look at that.

You feel exactly like Indy…14 years ago!

At the catio now.

I am a bit worried about Ginger, Lynx and Robin. They might be too rough. So I kept all three in the condo. Sorry, guys.

I’m pretty confident that Minnie will not hurt him. Smurfy just wants to play with him too.

Look! Furby went all the way up!

Minnie is keeping an eye on him. Good girl, Minnie!

Up, up, up to the highest platform!

Furby: Would anyone like to adopt me and give me a loving home? 

If you would like to make Furby a part of your family, please contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com. Thank you.