The RT Rescue Patrol in our house

What is this RT Rescue Patrol in our house?

Why, it’s the Riley-Tabs Rescue Patrol!!

It’s the cutest thing ever!

Yesterday evening, Gerald the NoiseMaker, was making his usual dinner call. I was still busy feeding everyone, but Gerald was insistent and had gone up to the window sill to call.

And guess who went to his rescue?

Riley and Tabs!

Both Riley and Tabs were inside the house, but at the window (on the opposite side of Gerald), trying to help Gerald.

If only I had taken a photo!

Gerald now sleeps in this basket right in front of our door.

Sometimes, he sleeps under the neighbour’s car in their porch. I wish he wouldn’t do that, though, because they do not like animals. But how do you stop a cat from doing what he wants, right? Gerald actually does not even come from our road but ever since I caught him to be neutered and returned, he has decided to adopt our road as his home.

Our very own RT Rescue Patrol!

This will be a good “Big and Little” photo!

Riley is a very kind cat. You can easily see the difference in personality between Riley and Samantha, for example. Even though Riley has only been with us for 24 days, her personality shines through.

Meanwhile, all is going well for Furby in his new home! I’m so grateful that Furby is with my long-time friend and not with a stranger. Not that I have anything against rehoming to strangers (some strangers have turned out to be really good pet parents too), but without time on my side to vet through strangers, it’s so comforting to know that Furby is in good hands.

But for the record, nobody was interested in adopting Furby apart from my friend. There were no other responses. I did not post his adoption anywhere else too, because I do not have the luxury of time to choose from potential adopters if there had been any.