Breakfast for everyone

The morning starts very early for me because Riley comes downstairs to play at around 3am. She is still very nocturnal.

Riley has her breakfast preference. For breakfast, she wants Cubgrub. For dinner, it’s Coco&Joe’s.

This morning, I gave her Cubgrub’s Rabbit. Cubgrub’s Rabbit is the only pure raw rabbit that I can get. Coco&Joe’s Rabbit Recipe is rabbit mixed with chicken, and she gets that too. It was Cubgrub’s Rabbit that finally solved Indy’s mysterious bloody diarrhoea which lasted for about 7 weeks last time. Indy had a food allergy for having eaten chicken for too long.

Protein rotation is the way to go for cats and I believe, perhaps for dogs too. But Mac and Bobby did not really have any food problems. They ate mostly chicken and were completely fine. For new readers, Mac and Bobby were our dogs.

Anyway, a quick consultation with an animal expert reveals that for humans and animals (remember humans are also animals), the wider the food range, the better it is. That is the rule of thumb for nutrition.

After feeding Riley and Tabs in the kitchen, you can be SURE Gerald will be calling very loudly on the window sill and I have to quickly quiet him down else he wakes everyone up, including the neighbours on both sides.

However, Riley isn’t fully fed yet. She prefers to eat upstairs in her own room, so I have to bring a bowl of food up for her. She also eats through the night, so there’s a bowl of food for her every night. She hasn’t learnt to eat everything at one go yet.

Here are Gerald and Samantha having breakfast. Gerald loves canned food while Samantha prefers kibble. But I still give her some canned food so that she has enough hydration. Creamy will come around mid-morning when Gerald isn’t around. And when Creamy eats, Samantha eats again. Creamy also loves canned food. The three of them get protein rotation too.

Then, it’s time to feed our Super Seniors. Cow Mau, Bunny and Cleo are back to 100% raw breakfast. Only Indy is still eating Cindy’s pureed food. So far, this is the only food that doesn’t make him vomit in the morning.

Next are the Monsters, Ginger, Minnie and Smurfy. The Monsters are Rey, Robin and Lynx. Everyone eats raw here.

And Tabs gets a snack of Greenies since she absolutely hates Orozyme.

Ginger, watching from the catio: Hey!! What about me? 

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