Thank you very much (December 2022 donors)

We end the year with renewing our commitment to help as many street animals as we can.

Our letters to the Minister of Local Government Development (to request for neutered animals to be spared from capture by the authorities) and the Minister of Education (to request for humane education, particularly animal protection, to be included in the school curricula) have met with no response. That was actually expected but at least we tried with this new government. However, we do hope that the letters have been circulated and hopefully have reached the hearts of people on the ground and have struck a chord in them to try a little kindness and spread a little kindness to street animals. And if possible, please do not lodge complaints. If that happens, the letters have been totally worth it and would have achieved our aim at creating awareness.

We know how the authorities work – when there are complaints from the public, they will take action. If there is no way to change the by-laws, then we have to find effective ways to reduce the number of complaints from people who are intolerant of the presence of street animals. How we do this actually depends on the circumstances. Let’s use our wisdom to do this effectively, minimising any backlashes. Try kindness, try cultivating some understanding in others, try whatever works.

If only we could get the by-laws amended to spare the ear-notched animals and to include animal protection in the school curricula, a kinder system would be in place for future generations. But since politicians are only interested in listening to the majority, we would just have to work a little harder from the ground up. Ordinary folks like us will have to lead by example and eventually, create a culture of kindness towards street animals.

Championing the rights of street animals has always been an uphill task. It is usually the minority of the people who do it. We need a bigger voice and more action. Action becomes habit. Habit become character. Character becomes culture. Baby steps. A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step.

The work in helping street animals does not end, folks. It is always ongoing because street animals will always be a part of our lives and they will always need our help. Think of it as a great opportunity to help the less fortunate.

Last but definitely not least, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported our work through the years. Without you, there is no AnimalCare. Thank you very much!

For those who might have missed the news, when I am no longer around, Terry Saw and Joy Saga will take over the day-to-day running of AnimalCare. We will still exist as a registered society with an exco. So yes, we already have a succession and continuity plan. We hope you will continue supporting us as we do plan to be around for as long as we can!

We wish you all a peaceful, safe and contented New Year.

This month’s neutering aid:
Number of animals: 8 dogs
Amount paid out: RM1,800.00 (inclusive of extra sponsorship)
Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

This month’s vaccination aid:
Number of animals: nil
Amount paid out: nil
Recipients of the Vaccination Aid:

This month’s food aid: RM1,240.48
Recipients of the Food Aid:

The breakdown:
Imm’s Shelter: RM1,240.48

If you would like to donate to help, our bank account details are as follows:

Public Bank Bhd 3168194929 
AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor

This month’s donors

In loving memory of Charlie from Ee Sie Jia
In loving memory of Chelsea & Happy from Chow Yi Lin
An anonymous donor
Ahmad Amir Kamil
Avant Pet Sdn Bhd
Bunny’s Place & Ginger’s Catio
Khoo Ming-Yi
Kok Khee Wee
Kwan Pei Kuan
Mong Looi
NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan
Nujtiya Chareansouk
Tan Lai Fun
Tan Tay Thye & his karma debtors
Wan Tai Seng
Wong Chin Kuan

This is Bunny, our 16 year-old cat, rescued from the side of the road when he was a newborn. And that’s Furby, a little 6 week-old kitten who came to mew at our gate recently. Furby has been adopted by a dear friend now and has a safe and loving forever home.

The work does not end. It’s the circle of life.

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