Samantha, Creamy, Gerald, Riley and….Jayden!

Another rare occasion today where all three of them eat together. Actually, Gerald is quite welcoming to Creamy. It is Creamy who feels intimidated due to his lack of confidence. So before this happened, Samantha and Gerald were waiting for food while Creamy was growling continuously. Nobody was threatening him, actually. He just feels threatened. Hopefully, with time, Creamy will feel more confident.

Creamy is also a loner. He likes going to the park and being by himself, stalking birds and treeshrews. Yesterday, a little girl wanted to pat him too. Creamy was accompanying me for taiji.

This evening, they are eating Monge’s Monoprotein 100% Rabbit. They get protein rotation too. I’ve tried them with raw food, but they don’t know how to eat it.

Meanwhile, Riley is very at home. At night, she sleeps next to me beside my pillow while Tabs sleeps not too far away.

Jayden plays with Riley! Jayden knows the trick to getting past this gate is either in that blue contraption or the screws on the walls. He watches us all the time. He is as perceptive as a cat!

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