Samantha visits on her own free will

For the past two days or so, Samantha has been expressing interest to come into the house. She went as far as putting her head through the open door.

This evening, I opened the door wide for her to come in, but Riley was disturbing, so I had to put Riley into Bunny’s Place.

Welcome, Samantha! Welcome!

She explored the house for awhile.

Then I slowly approached the door to try to close it, but Samantha was one step ahead of me. She slowly walked out. Of course she knew. She’s a cat.

It was a totally friendly and unthreatening visit. I want her to feel absolutely safe first.

Well, we still have time because Samantha is pregnant now. If it was Gerald who impregnated her, then the expected date would be 8th February 2023, but it could be earlier too, judging from the size of her belly.

We will take it one day at a time and do our best for her.

If she gives birth in our house, we would have to get the kittens rehomed.