Updates on Kinta Dog

It was on 27th November 2022 that Kinta Dog was finally caught and taken to the vet’s for treatment. The person who asked us for help thought it was TVT, but it turned out to be a prolapsed uterus.

Since Kinta Dog was located in Ipoh and we also do not have any rescue expertise, we could only shout out for help. One of our friends managed to contact Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta (also known as Mutts & Mittens) and they took 3 days to rescue the dog. We gave a donation of RM600 to help in the treatment and neutering of the dog.

Mr Lu, the person in charge of the rescue have been updating us on the condition of Kinta Dog. She was neutered during the surgery to insert the protruding uterus back inside. However, according to Mr Lu, the vet said during that surgery, the entire uterus could not be inserted back completely so a second surgery might be needed the following.

But after a week, the vet said it looked like the second surgery would no longer be needed and that the condition might heal naturally on its own.

Today, Mr Lu updated us again.

Here’s a photo of what it looks like today.

The vet thinks by a few more days, once the protruding goes back inside (this is based on the information provided by Mr Lu), the dog can already be released.

This was what it looked like last week.

We do not know exactly what treatment is being done as we are not privy to more information, but it looks like Kinta Dog is getting better.

Again, our utmost thanks to our friends who assisted and finally contacted Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta and the rescue team led by Mr Lu who made it possible for Kinta Dog to be helped.

For the record, the RM600 donation came from individual donors on the day of the rescue and we placed it under our Neutering Aid, but if any further funds are needed, now that we have revived our Medical Aid, it will come from there. For those who missed our announcement, the Medical Aid has been revived now to help only in cases where a medical condition needing treatment is identified during the neutering procedure.