Fundraising for another shelter: Uncle Lee’s Shelter

We are fundraising for another small shelter, Uncle Lee’s Shelter, located in the Balakong area. It is run by Mr Lee Mook Lek, who is a vegetable seller at a wet market.

We have spoken to Mr Lee to learn about his experience and the plight he is facing now.

First, here is an account from a friend who knows him and who alerted his plight to us:

I came to know Mr Lee from the morning market. I always saw him bringing with him a few dogs when he open his vegetable stall in the morning and one day a friend of mine, <named> told me that Mr Lee always adopt puppies that were abandoned at the market and he has been doing the same for almost 6 years. Previously he kept the dogs in his house and due complaints from his neighbor, the council came and issued compound to him a few times, he has now transferred 12 dogs to an abandoned factory located quite far away so that there is no disturbance to anyone. Everyday he will carry water and food to feed those dogs inside this abandoned factory as there is no water supply at this place. Yesterday I visited his house and the abandoned factory to understand more on his situation.
His vegetable selling business is not making much and he is now struggling financially to feed the dogs even a decent meal a day. He needs around 10 bags of dog biscuits per month, 1 bag of 10kg rice per day and RM30 per day to buy pig ears to cook for the dogs.
Mr Lee is illiterate and therefore I am helping him to highlight his plight to you. 
I hereby attach some pictures of his dogs in the two locations (below). 

Second, we also spoke with Mr Lee and have learnt the following:

All his dogs are neutered (and ear-notched) except for the remaining 7 male dogs. He has agreed to get them neutered and we will help him with our Neutering Aid. His sick dogs are all taken to the vet for treatment. There are currently no puppies but there are young dogs. He has agreed to try his best to rehome as many dogs as he can although we understand that this is not easy, given that these are all local dogs.

Mr Lee has also agreed not to take in anymore dogs since his financial situation does not permit him to do so. He realises that he had taken in more than he can handle as he had not foreseen this economic slow-down and many other factors which has led to his declining business in selling vegetables at the wet market.

Mr Lee is often assisted by his son in the feeding sessions.

There are currently 45 dogs, 12 are in the abandoned factory and 33 are in his home-converted shelter. His dogs are not free roaming; they are kept indoors and confined to keep them safe. Once a dog escaped and was caught by the authorities. Mr Lee paid the compound to get back his dog. He is now very careful when opening the gate. If any dog escapes, he will quickly drive out to get the dog back.

We have explained to Mr Lee that our food aid is dependent on excess funds and also if anyone wishes to contribute to it to support him. We cannot promise aid for the long term as it depends on our funds. Our priority still goes to neutering. He understands this.

Avant Pet had a deadline for all pre-CNY orders and it is past the deadline now, but we have already put in an order for the following:

Vitalplus dog kibble 18kg (lamb) – 15 packs
Alps Chunky 1230g canned food for dogs – 6 boxes

If you would like to contribute to this food aid, this is our bank account details:

Public Bank Bhd 3168194929 
AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor
(kindly state that it is for Uncle Lee’s Shelter)

We thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness. Let’s give these dogs a good meal!

Due to CNY, the delivery might only be possible after the holidays.

Photos of the dogs in both locations:

This is Uncle Lee.