Come in, Samantha, come….but Creamy comes in instead!

I was trying to lure Samantha into the house today, as part of the future plan to bring her in before her delivery.

But instead, who came in?

Creamy came in, and made himself totally at home! He explored the whole downstairs…

He went into the kitchen. Sorry this photo is blurry, Jayden was fussing at that time and I was carrying him.

Then, Creamy went upstairs to explore too. So cozily comfortable as though he knows the house. But he only spent one night in one of our rooms upstairs when we brought him home after his neutering. Only one night.

And he was actually reluctant to go back out.

Oh, another piece of news. Gerald used the litter box last night, according to my husband. He heard a loud scratching sound in the middle of the night, so he peep out and saw Gerald using the litter box that’s in the porch.

I’m trying to train the three Porch People to use the litter box instead of going elsewhere to do their business and inadvertently angering any human in the neighbourhood.

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