Tracker dogs, our furry angels

The news article:—angels-covered-in-fur

We take the position that animals should not be used by humans for any purpose; not as tracker dogs, not as guide dogs, not as guard dogs, certainly not for pulling sleds; horses should not be used for pulling carriages, oxen should not be used for pulling ploughs and the list goes on.

We have no right to use animals. And it is worse and unforgiveable when animals who have served humans are abandoned, put down or sold off to slaughter houses once they are no longer of any use to the same humans who have used the animals during their “useful” lifetime.

But humans will be humans.

So since tracker dogs are already part and parcel of the human community, we are relieved to learn that our Malaysian tracker dogs are well looked after, cared for, loved and most importantly, looked after until the end of their natural lives. There is simply no compromise to this. They deserve the best treatment.

Kudos to our SAR personnel who take it upon themselves to care for their tracker dogs.

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